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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Days of Recovery

Four weeks out of surgery, and my recovery is progressing nicely. I have some sections on my incisions that look like a skinned knee, but they are healing. To facilitate their healing I am still covering the wounds in Bacitracian and Xeroform, and wearing a soft jog bra. No tape! Of course all of this is happening to slowly for me. We are in the hottest part of the summer and I want to go swimming! It is frustrating to have to hide in the house because it is too hot to go outside.

My flexibility and reach is increasing everyday. I have exercises that I do three times a day, and am now able to reach my left hand straight over my head. This is a huge improvement, last week I could only get it about 45 degrees over my head. I have no problems with my right arm because they did not remove any lymph nodes enabling the muscles in my chest area to recover quicker. The edema in my left arm has also decreased significantly. After surgery my left arm was significantly more swollen than my right arm, now it is difficult to detect a difference. I am still waiting to be allowed to exercise, which is starting to drive me slightly stir crazy. I don’t understand how people can just sit at home day after day… it is so boring.

I have been passing the time by reading and volunteering for the Breast Cancer Research Center of Central Texas. On Friday August 20th I am selling raffle tickets at a BCRC's Suzy's Soldiers Golf Tournament. That night, Cody and I are attending the Gala Event at the Barton Creek Country Club. It will be the first time we have been back to Barton Creek since our wedding reception. The dress is “Texas Chic” and it sounds like a fun event. I finished reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain; a great book about working as a chef in New York City. I am now reading Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel, recommended by my Aunt Ellen. In order to keep from going completely nuts I have requested that I be allowed to start working out. If Dr. Chang agrees, I may be on the bike by this weekend. Wish me luck!

My poor bike has been relegated to the trainer.  I think we should get an award for creative use of a phone book.

A new game for Cody and I to learn to play.  It sounds like a lot of fun, a mixture between scrabble and crossword puzzles.


Sarah said...

So glad to hear you're healing well! I've been thinking about you. Matt and I will see you at Susie's Soldiers! It should be a fun event!


Kat said...

Glad you're healing well. I know you are going stir crazy but hopefully not for much longer. We have Bananagrams but have never played it.